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Our factory is located in the province of Guangdong.

over a vast expanse of over 4 acres of land.

more than 200 workers that are working directly in the KBL Company.

What we do in our factory is?

we check the natural hair collected from those source location based on their authenticity, we classify them, and we wash them to take out the eggs and grey.

Afterward, you comb the hair, and you measure, then you get them ready for market. 

Also, some part of the natural human hair goes through a wefting process, bleaching, the demands of all our customers.

In our factory, we use state-of-the-art equipment to make sure all these processes are carried out. We also have enough human resources to handle the bulk of the bundles of hair that is expected of us to produce. Our factory is well built to meet the demands of all our customers. The more reason why we easily keep them satisfied with our excellent output, they get stuck on us to always stay loyal to patronizing us. 

Our Warehouse

At KBL hair, we are not at all bothered on where to store the bulk natural hair products that we have ready for use, or where to keep those that just came from our collectors.

We have space enough to compartmentalize all the different varieties and forms of natural human hair that we have available for sales at our Warehouse. They are appropriately stored in a well-arranged and orderly way, and our staff is well trained on how to get our natural human hair arranged, packaged, and ready for sales.

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