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Born for salon

Every salon is responsible for picking its own customers, which means salon owners and stylists need to continually find and use the highest quality hair to provide better service and satisfaction to their customers.

———— Salon Day

Hair stylists in many salons are troubled by the fact that,” the received hair material was not good enough to make a good shape, which was complained by the customer.”, and “they cannot find a good long-term stable suppliers by changing a lot.”. these lead to the decline of customers' trust in the stores and services.

Finding a good supplier is a matter of choice.

There are very few suppliers that can meet all your hair needs (natural, soft, full, shiny, elastic, long life span, repeated bleaching and dyeing, and even color).

But why are some salons thriving?

Every salon is active in our community because KABEILU provides them with quality products, and we fight with them as Allies.

What's different about KABEILU 's hair

There are some reasons why salons choose kaberu.
KABEILU 's hair, each of which is human, can be easily bleached to 613, which ensures it can be dyed any color you want.
Because of the 100% real human hair, each hair has guaranteed the wool scale integrity, after washing does not tie the knot and not to drop the hair, can repeat the hot dye styling.

As you dig deeper, you may find that KABEILU is exactly what you've been looking for

12 years focus on human hair, industry sales NO.1, annual shipments of 2 million pieces, occupy 90% of the high-end market.

To develop customized services for customers: free design labels, custom goods and other services.

Warehouse covers an area of 2,000 , with sufficient inventory to guarantee the huge monthly shipments.

The largest production factory, covering 15,000㎡ and employing 600 people, produces 30 tons per month.

Sales team of more than 200 people, and in many countries to carry out hair exhibition.

Fast delivery, provide the best logistics company to ensure 2-3 days to receive products smoothly.

A professional team collects raw materials.

There are a wide range of products in stock.

Efficient reply and guaranteed after-sales service.

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