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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: A History Of Hair

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show attracts millions of people around the globe, and it’s one of the best fashion events that many people look forward to. During this event, many prominent and highly regarded supermodels come together to display their skills, and it features the signature glamorous hairstyles, hottest lingerie looks of the year, and famous musical guests.

Over the years, this fashion show event has featured many hairstyles and fashion, and we’ll be talking about these hairstyles that people wore since the beginning of the show. You can recreate these hairstyles at home or get it done by a professional.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks, a top model, wore this sexy, sleek and sultry look during the third Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. To achieve this hairstyle, blow out your hair with a good brush and hairdryer and straighten it with a hair straightener. Do this until you get the sleek and smooth looking strands. To make your hair sparkle and shiny, add a touch of hair serum.

Trish Goff, 2000

Trish Goff’s short air in the Walking the 2000 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a prove that short hair rocks! The bold pixie cut is sexy, and it’s perfect for you if you’ve been thinking of rocking something like this or add spice to your current pixie. To get the best result, get this done by a licensed professional.

Adriana Lima, 2005

This Adriana Lima’s hairstyle in the 2005 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is one hairstyle you would love to rock. Of you want to rock this hairstyle, start by making your hair damp and using a big round brush and hairdryer with an attached nozzle. Part it into small sections and encircle the hair around your brush. Pull as you dry to achieve the big bouncy curls. Ensure you use some drops of hair oil to produce shiny hair.

Naomi Campbell’s, 2005

OG supermodel, Naomi Campbell, rocked this sleek strands with very sharp blunt bangs look to the 2005 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It’s a very significant way of bringing attention to your eyes and spicing up your feminine look. If you want to achieve this look, you need to have thick long, and shiny hair. Then, apply a deep conditioning hair mask and dry your hair with a dryer and use your round brush to get a smooth and shiny blowout. After this, clip in the additional length and flat iron your hair into small partitions.

Bella Hadid 2018

Last year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show featured many prominent supermodels, and Bella Hadid was one of them. Bella’s long bob with Victoria’s curls can be achieved on both long and short hair. To achieve this look, create a side part and blow out your long bob with a big round brush. Curl the tip of your hair away from your face with the use of a one-inch curling wand. After this, pack all your hair on both sides and twist it away from your face to allow the curls to melt into each other. Hold one side with a small clip until you deem fit.

Every year’s show are usually better than previous ones, and there will be new hairstyles too. Don’t forget to let us know your favorite hair and if you were able to recreate the hairstyle.

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