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Simple Summer Hairstyles Recommended By Stylists

Summer is an exciting season, and there are many things to love about it!  From having a great day at the beach to having a cold glass of wine, you’ll wish the season never ends. But then, there’s a possibility of ruining all the excitement and fun with your untamed and messy hair when heat and humidity take its toll on your hair. Any hair texture, type, or length can be affected by hot weather, and we’ve come up with some exciting summer hairstyles chosen by top hairstylists. The hairstyles and suitable hair types are discussed below:

Loose Chignon- Natural Hair

Go natural and embrace the nature of your hair. Start by pulling back your hair to form a ponytail at the back of your neck. With bobby pins, pin a part of your hair from the center of the ponytail, 1 inch above the hair tie, and repeat it until you pin the other lengths up. You can spice it up by encircling a printed scarf around the edge of the ponytail.

Curly Ponytail- Black Hair

The beauty of this hair is that it’s very easy, and it saves you a lot of time. To get the best result, use a little amount of styling gel to smoothen the top. The ponytail can be low or high, depending on your choice.

Beachy Bun- Medium Hair

This beachy bun look can be enjoyed at any time of the day, and all you need is to create an effect of salt water and wind by using the right product. Use a wave-enhancing spray on your wet hair before blow-drying t. Then, start sweeping the hair up and secure it into a high ponytail. After this, sprinkle some texturizing powder to add more texture for easy grip and to prevent it from slipping. Repeat the process and loop the bun into another bun.

Half-Up Topknot- Short Hair

The half-up topknot is excellent for short hairs, and its ideal for any event. Partition the top part of your hair and stretch it from temple to temple. Twist into a loose topknot and secure with a bobby pin. Create a center part or brush your hair back and leave the rest of the hair with small texture or leave it straight.

Scarf Braid- Long Hair

The scarf braid is very suitable for hot summer days. Before braiding, add a little volume and texture to your hair to ensure that it looks sweet and full after plaiting. So, apply a large mass of mousse all over the towel-dried hair,  dry it and pull it back. Divide it into three sections and use the scarf as one of the parts you’re braiding. Hold the tip with an elastic, encircle the scarf around it, and knot it. Tug on one of the sides of the braid to make it look loose and thicker.

Defined Curls- Curly Hairs

Straightening your curls completely is not advised during summer because the heat and humidity will not make it last for as long as you wish. So, instead,  enhance your curls by using a curl lotion and air dry. Then use a curling iron to touch up any falling pieces and use your fingers to separate the curls piece by piece.

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